Monday, 11 October 2010

Loopy Lorna's, Edinburgh

Earl Grey Elephant
The Aftermath

Our trek from the Grassmarket to Morningside was lengthy. Our stats were low, our BP had dropped and Loopy Lorna's was still nowhere in sight. Then a puzzling breakthrough - B&F didn't realise that Loopy Lorna's was a thespian joint located in the Churchill Theatre. Luckily, research by B paid off and we bypassed this bright pink soulless sister cafe in search of the real deal further down the hill. We were richly rewarded with our endeavours as there she stood at the foot of the hill, the original Loopy's. 
B&F were warmly greeted at the door and this hospitality continued throughout the afternoon. These lovely ladies were treats in their individually designed aprons. 
After much deliberation, F ordered a trusty scone and jam with Honey Bunny tea. B went full out with feeling and ordered the whole hog - Afternoon Tea of sandwiches, sweet treats, scone with jam and cream accompanied by a pot of the finest Earl Grey.
The presentation was kooky yet traditional. China crockery, tiered cake stand and the piéce de resistance, hand made and hand picked tea cosies. F's Honey Bunny tea pot was resplendent in it's woollen bee jacket and B's Earl Grey elephant jumper kept his tea cosy - now there's attention to detail! 
Onto the food....F was first to sample the sandwiches. "That's the lightest bread in the world", she remarked. 
B was almost contorted with joy at his first mouthful of scone with clotted cream and jam. Heavenly! Perfectly crisp on the outside and densely spongy on the inside. Other sweet treats included a perfectly moist pecan brownie, a melt in the mouth meringue, a classic vanilla cupcake and an average coconut and chocolate bomb (it's really not worth commenting on).
With 1930's crooners piped through the wireless, we were almost transported back in time. Our gripe being with the modern decor - a minor one but still a gripe. We must also pass comment on the pricing - this tea shop is dear both to our hearts and to the wallet. A pot of tea ranging from £3.95 to £5.95 - that much for a dried leaf - ouch!
On a side note, F was clearly broody today as she noticed the ample supply of high chairs. The lack of yummy mummies did, naturally, add to B&F's enjoyment of the afternoon. 
It is fair to say we departed as full as a Michelle McManus sock. Well done Loopy Lorna's of Morningside.

Free Range Rating: 10/12

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