Saturday, 16 October 2010

Mums Great Comfort Food, Edinburgh

Today B dined alone. A travesty you may say but F had pressing travel arrangements which couldn't be postponed. So off B went in search of comforting treats. His destination was the famed Monster Mash but after some research he fell upon this....

And using his better judgement, B ended up at Mum's Great Comfort Food. Was Mums great - yes! Was Mums comforting - oh yes! 
From the mouthwatering menu of various sausages, mashes and gravies, B choose his Scottish favourite - veggie haggis with all the trimmings and a jolly Ginger beer on the side. The haggis arrived as a three layered treat - a bottom layer of mashed potato, topped with a parsnip and turnip mash, finished off with a layer of veggie haggis. This was then smothered in lashings of the most delicious tomato gravy which had a nice little kick. A slice of white to mop up the juices and B would have been in heaven!
The ethos of this eatery is simple - quality, tasty food at a decent price and for £7.50, B's cockles had been warmed from head to toe by Mums. 
The service too was top notch - how rare it is to have a waiter who enjoys his job. 
B wishes Mums all the best for the future and would like to congratulate them on their successes in the face of adversity. Don't forget folks....what goes around comes around...that restaurant a few doors up better watch out...!

Free Range Rating... 11/12 (if only F had been there, it may have pushed B to award a full dozen)

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  1. what a lovely review - thank you so much Benedict & Florentine, it makes us very emotional when people get what we do. Cheers, to your very good health