Monday, 11 October 2010

Rose Leaf, Edinburgh

Well......! It would appear the tea pots have turned a new leaf here at the Rose Leaf. This establishment is renowned for it's Pot tails - cocktails in teapots. Oh yes! At £5 per head, this decaf delight was free of one poison but laden with another. 
Lit by a hat-trick of lampshades with a wee toilet blackboard, B&F are convinced they have stumbled upon a find at the end of Leith Walk. We didn't eat here tonight but the food definitely  looked good enough to eat. And where have you ordered your food when the menu was encapsulated by the National Geographic...? Oh how we love an incognito menu.
Well that's goodnight from B and goodnight from F. 

Over and out...

Free Range Rating: 11/12

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